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  • "The ADRA Poland Foundation as a Public Benefit Organization has been helping people in need for many years. Charitable and humanitarian actions undertaken by the Foundation require a huge commitment of employees and volunteers. Thanks to the selfless support of Sales Robots we have been able to automate some of these duties, which has allowed us to be even more effective in helping others."
    Piotr Nowacki
    President of the Management Board
    The ADRA Poland Foundation
  • "We hereby confirm our satisfaction with the effects of cooperation with AMG Poland sp. z o. o. through the use of the provided Sales Robots solution. We use them intensively on the company's "Folding Fins by EXOTECH" profile on LinkedIn, as a means of attracting potential customers and reaching them with targeted content. Thanks to the advanced tools implemented by Sales Robots, our activities on LinkedIn have become significantly more efficient and effective. We have seen a significant increase in achieved reach while minimizing our dedicated resources. The remarkable usability of Sales Robots is accompanied by the active support of AMG Poland's individualized advisors in moderating activity on LinkedIn."
    Krzysztof Paul
    Board Member
  • "Sales Robots has proven to be a great tool for growing our platform dedicated to connecting employees who prefer flexible work arrangements with their potential employers. By automating the processes on LinkedIn, we were able to reach even more well-selected candidates and the companies that are ready to hire them. In addition, we can count on SalesRobots' customer support department / Support Team, which always responds promptly and professionally to our needs. SalesRobots AMG is a reliable partner for each company that values professionalism and experience in the industry. I highly recommend it to entrepreneurs in the B2B sector and beyond."
    Grzegorz Kasprzyk
    Marketing Manager
    Tikrow sp. z o. o.
  • "It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Sales Robots. It has enabled us to reach a large group of people in a short space of time. The ease of use and the help with set-up meant that we can recommend both the tool itself and the company to anyone who would like to expand their activities with an additional channel such as LinkedIn."
    Patryk Chmielewski
    Head of Development
    Rascal sp. z o. o.
  • "AMG Poland's assistance proved to be very valuable and the service was delivered as promised and at the highest level. AMG Poland provided us with diligence and excellent marketing support."
    Łukasz Korecki
    Polska Grupa Technologiczna
  • "We are very satisfied with the course of cooperation with Sales Robots. The high level of service, intuitive tools and fast response time of the Support team are just a few of the advantages of Sales Robots. I am pleased to recommend them as a proven and professional partner for the implementation of a promotional campaign on the LinkedIn Portal."
    Adam Grzelak
    Account Manager
    Tide Software
  • "LinkedIn, with the help of AMG Poland, has become one of the main channels we use to acquire high-quality leads. I highly recommend working with AMG Poland, as they are effective and work without reservations."
    Paweł Żelazny
    Sales Director
    Peoplefone Polska
  • "SalesRobots, in conjunction with LinkedIn, proved to be a great tool for gaining and building new relations. The service was implemented very efficiently in only a few days. We could immediately feel the effects. Hundreds of new, valuable contacts arrived every day, including a few to a few dozen interested in our offer."
    Łukasz Purczyński
    IT Solutions Consultant
    PLC Doradztwo Informatyczne
  • "The implementation of SalesRobots went very smoothly, after a few days we already felt the effects of the service. The AMG Poland team provides us with immediate support, excellent communication, and valuable advice on a daily basis. I highly recommend both the SalesRobots service and cooperation with AMG Poland to any company from the B2B sector."
    Szymon Ryłko
    President of the Management Board