Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to our users' most frequently asked questions

  • How quickly can actions be implemented?

    Very soon. At the agency, we are ready to take on new projects and launch the system for our clients' new LinkedIn accounts. In practice, the start of operations can begin as soon as the day after the order or contract is concluded.

  • After how long will the first effects appear?

    On the very first day of the campaign's launch, you will see tangible results in the form of new contacts in reach. The stream of leads will appear in the first week and will grow successively.

  • How long should the campaign last?

    LinkedIn activities are simply another channel for the company to communicate with potential customers and should operate on a continuous basis. Sometimes we handle shorter campaigns aimed at e.g.: market research and response, recruitment, conference promotion or time-limited services.

  • How much work is on our side?

    As an agency, we have the resources to run the complete set of operations for you and some of our clients opt for this model. Others prefer, for example, for targeting and communication to remain in the hands of the company.

  • Leads from LinkedIn and RODO

    As a LinkedIn user, by accepting the terms and conditions of the portal, you agree to participate in all communication channels, including networking, profile viewing and communication via chat. However, you are only allowed to process your users' data outside of LinkedIn with their explicit consent, so your LinkedIn account via the Sales Robots system can ask up to hundreds of people per day for their e-mail.

    You'll be surprised how easy it is to make contact via LinkedIn and transfer it to other communication channels: phone and email.

  • How does it work abroad?

    More than 4 million Poles already have a LinkedIn account, including as many as 700,000 managers. In the countries of North America, Australia and Europe, LinkedIn has reached up to 50% saturation, and this makes reaching the right people even easier.

  • What is the CPL?

    Thanks to super-precise targeting and minimal competition, acquiring leads on LinkedIn is up to 30 times cheaper than traditional Facebook Ads, Google Ads or cold calling channels. More than 80% of B2B leads worldwide come from LinkedIn.

  • How do you integrate Sales Robots with an email automation system?

    It's very simple. We provide native integration with popular CRMs like Hubspot, Livespace, FreshSales or the Clickmeeting webinar service. In addition, we provide access to the REST API and Webhook.

  • Will someone help us launch and operate the campaign?

    Of course. As an agency, we provide access to specialists so that all areas of our client's operations can be taken care of. We determine the scope of support with the client based on their most important needs.

  • Can I exclude selected individuals or companies from Sales Robots activities?

    Of course. Even at the LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator stage, you define the target - you can add, remove and exclude many valuable criteria. In addition, in Sales Robots itself, you can add an unlimited list of companies that the team will omit from its activities. It is worth excluding your company, your competitors and your most important customers, as well as employees of the Sales Robots agency :)

  • How many LinkedIn accounts should I engage?

    We recommend engaging a minimum of 6 personal accounts, which will achieve reach and recognition among more than 10,000 decision-makers in just 6 months.

  • Are there any additional costs?

    The budget we define at the beginning of the cooperation already includes all mandatory fees. During the course of the cooperation, companies can commission additional activities and we guarantee their timely implementation. The only additional cost is the LinkedIn Premium Sales Navigator package (recommended), which allows our clients to define their target group much more precisely.

  • Who creates the communication/message content?

    Our clients often choose to leave such an important element as communication in their hands. We will, of course, come to your aid if the need arises.

  • Will you help improve our staff accounts?

    Yes. This is one of the first elements of working with our new clients.

  • Will you take care of the promotion of the company website?

    Yes. While the company page does not have effective self-promotion mechanisms on LinkedIn, it is an important communication bridge during a campaign and we can take care of it in its entirety.

  • Is the Premium Sales Navigator package necessary?

    Experts from Sales Robots Agency recommend the use of Sales Navigator for salespeople's activities on LinkedIn. The SN package can be ordered directly from LinkedIn for a net price of PLN 300 per month and payment requires the use of a credit card.

  • How long is the contract for?

    For an indefinite period with one month's notice so there is nothing keeping you with us apart from our efficiency.

  • What is the form of billing?

    It's a convenient and fixed monthly subscription plus remuneration for additional services commissioned ad hoc by the client.

  • What is the Sales Robots system?

    The Sales Robots system automates a coherent and effective strategy for your business on LinkedIn. It replaces your employees in tedious tasks, builds brand recognition among the majority of decision-makers in the market, provides them with product knowledge and prepares them much better to meet your salespeople.

  • How do I launch Sales Robots?

    By signing a convenient indefinite contract with us with a one-month notice period.
    The very next day, your advisor will contact you to start the process of implementing your campaign.

  • Does the Sales Robot system work around the world?

    Of course.

    LinkedIn has around 800 million potential customers worldwide, including as many as 110 million decision-makers. In Poland, that's almost 4.4 million users and more than 600,000 top managers, owners and executives. According to a research study, 97% of decision-makers have an account on LinkedIn, and you can easily reach them through private messages on the portal.

  • How many people can be invited per day?

    We observe that more than 85% of LinkedIn personal accounts connected to Sales Robots can send more than 2,000 messages per month, and more than 800 invitations. This makes the potential of the portal huge, and you will make the most of it with Sales Robots saving you a great deal of time. We recommend a random setting in the range of 40-70 invitations per day to minimise the risk of exhausting the invitation pool early.

  • How to achieve more than 50% of accepted invitations?

    Several elements influence the acceptance rate of invitations. The Sales Robots system is able to bypass dead and airtight accounts, i.e. people who are not in the habit of accepting invitations. We will also tell you what to do to ensure that your invitation recipients are happy to accept.

  • What note to add to the invitation?

    Accounts connected to the Sales Robots system send out more than tens of thousands of invitations to get in touch every day and, contrary to the Portal's advice, the highest acceptance rate is achieved by actions without a 'note'. Note also that a large proportion of recipients will not notice the note attached to the invitation because the Portal does not display it very well. However, an appropriate note added to the invitation can warm up the lead and elicit a positive response.

  • What kind of message to send?

    For every 100 messages sent, around 20 people statistically respond, 5-10 of whom are willing to leave their email address to receive more information. When preparing your message, consider leaving the best possible impression - these are still your potential customers and you will want to get in touch with them again.

    The content of your message should be specific, short and understandable. It's worth including a link to your website (30% of recipients click through). With a CTA such as "if you would like to find out more please leave your e-mail below", you will gather valuable contacts.

    Prepare content that is friendly to the recipient, e.g. with phrases such as "Mrs. Maria, nice to meet you", and the advanced personalisation in Polish available in the Sales Robots system will select the content according to the recipient's gender and change their name to vocative.

  • Posts on feed versus private messages on LinkedIn

    By posting and advertising, you will only reach users who frequently visit the Portal - around 15% - and these are most often HR professionals, PR professionals, salespeople, marketers, coaches, influencers, etc.

    Among decision-makers, only 3-4% regularly visit the Portal, and you want to reach 100% of your market, after all.

    Your efforts will be reinforced by the automatic and default email notifications that almost every user receives with your invitation and message, and this makes this channel of communication via LinkedIn 20 times more effective than posts or ads.

  • Sales Navigator - LinkedIn Premium

    The enormous potential of Sales Navigator, underestimated by LinkedIn experts, is only realised by the Sales Robots system. Thanks to SN, your targeting will be much more precise and complete. The portal offers access to Sales Navigator at a cost of around PLN 300 per month per account.

  • How do you find the right people?

    When getting Sales Robots ready for work, use our short video tutorial - you will learn the ins and outs of Sales Navigator and how to accurately identify people in a specific industry, with specific positions, top managers, in specific areas, as well as, for example, people who operate a specific system or tool. And much more.

  • What happens when you define your target group?

    The Sales Robots system can get to work. Using your enhanced profile and armed with useful tools, it gradually establishes new contacts without disturbing you. Only when it comes across an interested party do you step in and take over the contact.

  • Can I invite people to contact me and send messages myself?

    Yes. Those invited by you have priority and the Sales Robots system will skip people you have corresponded with. You can invite new contacts at any time, write to people invited by the system and nothing bad will happen.

  • How many leads will I acquire per day?

    Sales Robots users can receive between 5 and 10 per cent positive responses to messages from prospects. This result depends on the number of posts in Sales Robots and the effectiveness of the communication. During the course of the campaign, you can refine elements of the campaign to increase its effectiveness.

  • Will the Sales Robots system make it harder to access LinkedIn?

    No. The Sales Robots system runs on a server with a dedicated IP. You are not restricted in your use of the portal.

  • Do I have access to the Sales Robots Panel?

    Of course.

    With the Sales Robots dashboard, you can manage your entire team of LinkedIn accounts connected to Sales Robots from one place, including: creating Teams campaigns; sharing your target audience without duplicating contacts; responding to your team's correspondence with the convenient Smart Chat; using automatic and personalised response templates; exporting leads to email or via API to any system with a single click.
    And you also have access to a repository of generated leads and rich real-time reports to evaluate the system's performance.

  • How does the Sales Robots system work for my business?

    The Sales Robots system works with your LinkedIn account and is very effective in establishing contacts in the B2B segment. It is also effective for selected B2C campaigns, such as car and insurance sales. The Sales Robots system works best where the target group is very large, from several thousand people, and the industry itself is usually irrelevant.

  • Which account is being used?

    The Sales Robot system works on your personal LinkedIn account. This can be a manager account, a sales account or a specially created account that you dedicate to working in the system. However, it is always your account, you have full control over it and the contacts you gain will stay with you forever.

  • How many contacts can you have on LinkedIn?

    As many as 30,000.

  • Can I target multiple groups at the same time?

    The Sales Robots system can target multiple groups simultaneously and make contact with a dedicated message.

  • Is it possible to personalise the content of messages?

    Of course, this is a possibility. The Sales Robots system is able to conjugate first names in Polish and recognise gender, so it will send a fully correct and elegant message, e.g. "Mrs Maria, nice to meet you".

  • How do you avoid lead duplication in your team?

    The Sales Robots system can dynamically divide leads in a target group between Sales Robots with complete deduplication. This is an automated process that you start at the touch of a button.

  • Can multiple campaigns be run simultaneously by one person in Sales Robots?

    Of course - for one LinkedIn account (1 post in Sales Robots) you can designate more targets and prepare separate communications for each - different message content.

  • Potential LinkedIn responses when automating activities

    The portal does not detect the operation of Sales Robots due to the closed code - no one but us has access to it.

    In more than 5 years of our operations, no customer account has been permanently blocked.

  • How many follow up messages will the Sales Robots system send to 1 lead?

    The Sales Robots system can easily schedule a whole sequence of messages with intervals. Additionally, the system can bypass people who have previously responded.

    This will keep your leads in touch with you to maximise conversions in your campaign.