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Effective acquisition of B2B leads - how to do it and how much does it cost?

Acquiring B2B leads, i.e. potential business clients - or sales opportunities, is the goal of the marketing efforts of any company wishing to grow, as it ensures its continuity and relative stability in the market. Among potential leads, the most valuable for most companies will be B2B (Business to Business) leads, which are generally more difficult to acquire than B2C (Business to Customer) leads, because we have to reach decision-makers, which is especially difficult if they work for larger companies or corporations.

Generating B2B sales leads can be done both online - on a website or social media, and offline - industry events, cold calling or referrals. However, in addition to just acquiring new contacts, they should be properly classified - the value of a lead is determined primarily by the amount of information it contains, as this allows us to properly classify it as a hot lead, marketing lead or cold lead.

Hot leads are the most valuable contacts, which are usually quite easy to turn into final conversions, because they are people who are very enthusiastic about our product or service and almost ready to buy on the spot. Marketing leads imply interest without readiness or willingness to buy immediately. Cold leads are contacts to people who are not currently interested in buying, but we have indications that this may change in the future, so it makes sense to include them in your sales funnel and study the change in behavior.

B2B leads - channels for acquisition

  • Inbound marketing

    It assumes that the customer will find our site on their own and take a certain action, such as signing up for a newsletter or even attempting to contact us. The best example is having a well-positioned company website, which constantly attracts customers for inquiries of interest.

  • Outbound marketing

    It is the active search for customers using online advertising or other advertising methods like cold calling or cold mailing. Active B2B lead acquisition is a fairly aggressive marketing strategy that requires the right approach to avoid alienating potential customers and a budget for promotional activities.

  • Purchase of ready-made contacts

    The last method of acquiring leads is to purchase them, which allows us to immediately start further sales activities, i.e. to pursue the right conversions, but involves additional costs and lack of control over their quality. It is also worth remembering that the lists available for sale are often not unique and to some extent our competitors may also have them.

Using LinkedIn to generate B2B leads

LinkedIn is a professional social network for career and business people, and thus an ideal place to get contacts. As many as 97% of managers use LinkedIn, and the portal itself offers a collection of tools, allowing us to make even immediate and direct contact.

  • LinkedIn's niche in promotional activities

    LinkedIn's huge advantage is its niche - it's not a typical social network, relying on traditional display ads, which makes it often ignored in marketing efforts, as it's less obvious and ad agencies find it harder to motivate spending. Advertisers in Poland tend to focus on advertising on Facebook and Google, competing at increasingly high rates, while B2B lead generation on LinkedIn remains an undiscovered gold mine for many.

  • The specifics of LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is not geared toward advertising as much as other portals, but it does offer many other opportunities to obtain contact information, such as an extensive system of connections and direct messages. What's more, the LinkedIn community does not treat attempts at contact or messages in a negative way, but expects them - they are not pushy, as LinkedIn is a portal aimed at building business contacts.

  • Leads on LinkedIn with Sales Robots

    Sales Robots Agency is the only company in our country specializing in lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn, with an advanced system for automating the process and offering full content support.

  • Acquiring B2B leads on LinkedIn

    A huge advantage of LinkedIn is the ability to acquire business contacts almost instantly - even on the same day as the start of marketing activities, and the ability to automate the entire process. This allows companies to acquire the number of contacts they are interested in on a continuous basis, and they can focus on improving their products or services without having to deal with the process of acquiring new B2B leads.

B2B lead - how to estimate the cost of acquisition?

It is difficult to determine unequivocally how much it costs to acquire a business lead, because it depends on a great number of factors, including: interest or specificity of the product/service, and even the time of year. It should also be borne in mind that lead acquisition is a very general and quite unreliable concept, as there are three types of leads - warm, marketing and cold. Thus, we can, for example, acquire 10 cold leads for PLN 300, paying PLN 30 per lead, and end up being worse off than someone who acquired 3 hot leads for PLN 300, paying PLN 100 per lead.

From numerous conversations with our clients, we know that acquiring one B2B lead, using traditional online marketing channels such as Facebook and Google Ads, cost them tens to hundreds of PLN, and their quality left much to be desired, as many contacts were duplicated with those acquired by competitors, reducing the final number of proper conversions - sales.

On the other hand, after switching to LinkedIn, the cost of acquiring contacts fell even several times compared to traditional promotion channels, and their quality increased, e.g. customers looking for business contacts for photovoltaic installations on LinkedIn acquire further B2B leads for as little as PLN 20-30, while previously they paid PLN 100-200 per contact.

Proper communication the key to increasing the quality of B2B leads

  • Acquiring unique contacts on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn provides a unique opportunity to determine exactly what leads we need, and then search for decision-makers in the industries we are interested in to present offers to them. Therefore, the key to increasing the quantity and quality of the leads we acquire through LinkedIn is effective communication, because activities on LinkedIn are not passive, but active - we are the ones who identify and search for people and make direct contact, try to connect or even send a private message.

  • Support from the Sales Robots agency

    Direct contact, or fairly aggressive outbound marketing, is not received as badly on LinkedIn as it is on other platforms - assuming we do it right, as users use the portal looking for business opportunities. In addition, our agency specializes in managing the entire process - finding the right contacts and creating conversation scenarios, which not only affects the acquisition of new B2B leads, but also increases brand awareness.

Generating B2B Leads with Sales Robots.

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