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How did your competitors sleep through LinkedIn's potential?

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You're probably wondering why LinkedIn isn't used for promotional activities as often as traditional channels:

  • Facebook and Google Ads
  • Google positioning / SEO
  • cold mailing
  • cold calling

The reason is obvious. All of the above-mentioned methods have already reached the peak of their popularity. They are very mature channels promoted by thousands of advertising agencies which increases competitive activity and leads to a rate race.

Why aren't your competitors using LinkedIn?

Unlike advertising networks like Google or Facebook or Youtube or Instagram, LinkedIn is not building an agency network to promote their services. Take a look around the ad agency market and you will see that almost every agency offers advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and others. At the same time, almost none of these agencies offer professional communication campaigns on LinkedIn, and if they do, they are limited to the creation and publication of posts. At the moment, Sales Robots is the only agency in Poland specialising in campaigns on LinkedIn, with its own team of specialists, a huge amount of data and an advanced system for coordinated and intelligent automation for expanding reach and maintaining communication.

The examples of Western European countries and the USA show that the trends of using LinkedIn for business communication are growing and probably in 5-8 years' time, many more companies will be using this channel on a regular basis. So it makes sense to seize the opportunity now and dominate a medium whose potential your competitors don't yet know about.

Read about how to scale your LinkedIn activities to distance yourself from the competition.

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