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Is better website traffic coming from SEO or LinkedIn?

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    The success of a website consists of 2 important things:

    lead journey content, i.e. educative content design that corresponds to the level of awareness of the lead the right people directed to the www

    Regardless of the channel of visitor acquisition, well-designed content will fulfil its role. However, let us focus on the people who visit the website and first look at Google search engine optimisation (SEO/SXO).

    How does SEO work?

    Positioning is a traditional channel for getting website visitors with a high degree of difficulty and a lot of competition. It usually takes more than six months to see results and the activity of the competition only results in increases in budgets, not revenues.

    The good news is that SEO allows you to reach hot leads, i.e. people very close to a purchasing decision. Then an attractive phrase for an accountancy firm might be "biuro księgowe warszawa". The worse news is that SEO competitors will also reach this hot lead and the battle against time and bidding competition begins. It is worth noting that out of the total number of leads for a given product, most often 1% or even 0.1% are hot leads. It is not uncommon for them to be hot because one of our competitors started communicating with them a long time ago, when the lead was still cold, and during that time they built up trust and a position of expertise, i.e. an advantage over the other suppliers.

    Another SEO method is to target cold leads, i.e. positioning for phrases not related to our offer, but typed in by people who fit the lead's criteria. E.g.: an accountancy firm may position itself for the phrase 'current Social Security rates'.

    Significantly, it is estimated that only 10 percent of people typing in the phrase 'accounting office warszawa' are interested in cooperation, and among those asking for 'current ZUS rates', accountants will find less than 1 percent of potential clients.

    What does this look like on LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn is not as popular a channel as SEO (or Facebook and Google advertising), so we do not see a competitive race there. LinkedIn also wins in the precision of targeting, as it allows us to create a filtered list of users, e.g.: directors, board members and owners from Warsaw and the surrounding area (about 150,000 people in total), and these are the people who can decide on an accounting firm for the company. However, we still do not know who among them is currently interested in establishing cooperation, which is why the method of maximising the reach and maintaining regular communication, directing to the website, with as many people from this group as possible is the most effective solution.

    The good news is that despite the large target audience, it is quite easy for companies to achieve a high percentage of reach and maintain communication, thanks to intelligent automation.

    You will learn how to build a reach among 150,000 selected people and maintain regular communication with them in my next article.