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What is an advertising campaign, and what are its goals and types?

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    Advertising campaigns are the basis of marketing of any company, after all, every entrepreneur, according to the well-known saying, knows that "advertising is a lever of trade." What is an advertising campaign, what are its objectives, types, costs and how to organise it?

    Advertising campaign - what is it?

    An advertising campaign is a set of coordinated marketing activities that aim to: increase awareness or improve brand image, acquire leads or appropriate sales. And although the goal of the campaign is not always direct sales, each commercial campaign is to have a positive impact on consumer behaviour and decisions in the market, which is expected to lead to increased sales in the long term.

    Advertising campaign objectives

    The existence of any company in the market is based on the sale of goods or services, so all commercial advertising campaigns assume an increase or at least maintain the level of sales. Other goals include increasing brand recognition, for which reach campaigns such as social media work great - such a campaign is particularly useful in changing the image of a company or product. Advertising campaigns may also aim to increase or maintain market share or increase loyalty of already acquired consumers. In the case of a social campaign, the goal may be, for example, to increase public awareness of a particular issue.

    Types of advertising campaigns

    Advertising activities can be conducted using traditional media or the Internet, which creates a natural division into offline and online advertising. Offline advertising includes, among others, advertising on the radio, television, banner ads, or in the press, and online advertising involves activities on the Internet such as social media campaigns or search engines.

    Advertising campaigns are also divided according to the content, which can be, among others: informative, reminding, hidden, supporting, disruptive, stabilising or subliminal.

    The type of advertising also determines the purpose, which can be commercial or social. A commercial campaign is simply a campaign aimed at increasing the profits of a particular company, and a social campaign is one that is intended, for example, to raise awareness of a threat or inform citizens.

    Internet advertising campaign

    Internet advertising campaigns are mainly based on Google Ads, i.e. Google's advertising network - banner, text or video ads on Google Adsense and the entire YouTube network, and Facebook Business, i.e. ads on Facebook, Messenger or Instagram.

    If you want to reach the business part of the society, you can use LinkedIn Ads with a premium Sales Navigator account and our tool - Sales Robots, which helps to organise an advertising campaign and acquire valuable B2B leads.

    Organising and running an advertising campaign

    The basis of marketing activities is the preparation of an appropriate marketing strategy. The marketing plan should clearly define:

    expected goals budget assumptions the duration of the campaign Advertising target, i.e. the group the ad is supposed to reach

    All objectives should be constantly verified with the use of analytical software, such as Google Analytics, and adjusted to market reactions.

    Advertising campaign cost

    The cost of an advertising campaign can vary greatly, and depends primarily on the chosen medium. Television, radio or offline banner ads cost at least in the thousands for one spot or banner, while on the Internet the entry threshold for the first tests is even a few hundred PLN. The final cost of the campaign depends on the budget guidelines, which are based on the expected goals and duration.

    Advertising campaign - an example

    The best advertising campaigns usually involve a collection of activities in different media, so for example a video campaign on YouTube, which directs to a landing page, where we acquire leads using a free Ebook in exchange for contact information, which we use in a newsletter, trying to get the right conversions, and activities during the intensive campaign are supported by regular publications on the blog, ie content marketing.