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What are the Sales Robots tools?

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    LinkedIn is a veritable goldmine of B2B leads, but manual actions can't deliver fast and impressive results. With help comes the Sales Robots platform, which allows you to automate many of the actions taken in the portal - such as sending invitations to get in touch and participate in events, personalised private messages, or publishing posts. Thanks to this you can save a lot of time and multiply the effects of your work!

    Sales Robots platform - what is it?

    The Sales Robots platform is a set of intelligent tools for automating activities on LinkedIn, designed for both individual users and entire teams. The solution is cloud-based and provides the ability to integrate with the most popular CRM systems (including Freshdesk, Salesforce, Livespace and many others). The platform includes an advanced Sales Robots panel, used to configure sales, marketing or advertising campaigns, as well as Smart Chat, a built-in communicator with the ability to conveniently manage the correspondence of the entire team (an option not available on LinkedIn).

    Sales Robots can increase the effectiveness of manual actions on LinkedIn by up to 30 times, as they can, based on an extensive collection of Big Data, bypass dead accounts and very precisely reach specific target groups through invitations and messages sent to the portal's users. The effectiveness of the whole process is additionally strengthened by e-mail notifications sent to the mailboxes of interested persons - thanks to this, the information about our activity should not be missed by them.

    The Sales Robots platform is easy to use and the panel interface is intuitive. Moreover, all users can count on the professional support of premium Sales Robots Advisors - practitioners in the field of lead generation, marketing automation and growth hacking, who even in 2 quarters of an hour can organize assistance in the implementation and operation of the platform.

    It's time to kickstart your B2B Lead Generation! How long does it take to launch and configure the Sales Robots platform?

    It all starts with placing an order on-line, which takes only about 60 seconds. After completing the form and selecting the payment method (proforma or online transfer) the next day we send you the final invoice and give you access to the Sales Robots that will start working for you in 2-3 days. In case of any questions or doubts it is worth making an appointment for an individual consultation with Sales Robots Advisor, who will present and explain in details the most important aspects of our platform's operation.

    The first step in setting up the Sales Robots platform is to connect your LinkedIn accounts. If you don't want to conduct lead generation activities on LinkedIn using your personal profile, you can choose to connect your virtual employee accounts, or Avatars. Next, you need to define the target audience for your campaign and set up the key parameters of your sending settings in the Sales Robots dashboard. Before launching the campaign, it is still worth taking care of the attractive and personalized content of the messages in order to interest the largest possible group of decision-makers in your industry with your offer or product.

    Every LinkedIn user is required to accept the terms and conditions of the site when creating an account, which requires consent to participate in all communication channels, including networking, viewing other people's profiles, and corresponding via the built-in messenger. The administrators of this popular social network ensure that they implement the provisions of the RODO (GDPR) in such a way that the LinkedIn community can benefit from better control over the processing of personal data, while ensuring a high degree of trust.

    Processing user data outside of LinkedIn, on the other hand, requires explicit approval on their part. Your Sales Robots can therefore ask up to hundreds of people per day for permission to use their email address to send commercial information. Only after receiving positive responses from potential customers can you transfer your business activities to other communication platforms.

    B2B leads generation and much more - possibilities of the Sales Robots platform The Sales Robots platform gives you the ability to generate B2B sales leads for nearly 150 industries very quickly and efficiently. By using intelligent tools to automate your daily activities on LinkedIn, you will increase the number of contact invitations sent to over 500 per week, and after a few months, you can further improve this result by a factor of 2. Your invitation acceptance rate will also increase significantly, as Sales Robots effectively bypass dead accounts and target invitations to people who are eager to include other users in their professional network. Most of them will be decision makers, i.e. owners, presidents, board members, directors, and middle and senior managers. This will make establishing a business relationship much easier than following the steps of a traditional sales funnel.

    Sales Robots specialists estimate that LinkedIn helps to shorten the time of reaching decision makers by as much as 70%, and by using automation, even more impressive results can be achieved - as 10 Sales Robots allow you to reach up to 220 thousand people within 3 months! Such an extensive database of B2B contacts cannot be provided by any other platform supporting the generation of sales or marketing leads in this portal.

    The Sales Robots platform is also used to conduct B2B marketing campaigns. Detailed filters, such as industry, job title, seniority, company size or location, help to target marketing automation campaigns to specific business audiences, and targeting is many times more accurate than in the case of Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

    Moreover, Sales Robots make it easier to undertake wide-ranging activities in the field of growth hacking or personal branding. All the above mentioned strategies are aimed at widening the group of potential clients and bringing them closer to the purchase decision or cooperation.

    Key functionalities and advantages of Sales Robots platform The biggest advantage of the Sales Robots platform is the significant saving of time and money with the simultaneous increase of work efficiency. Working manually every day for 3-5 hours, you can make about 300-400 new connections on LinkedIn per week, while with the support of automation you can accumulate even approx. 2,000 contacts per month, spending just a few minutes a day! The time saved in this way can be spent on other activities, which will also contribute to the growth of company's revenues.

    Sales Robots perform a number of tedious and time-consuming processes on LinkedIn for you, such as sending and accepting invitations to connect, sending personalized private messages, and aggregating contact information of people in your professional network. They can also target an intelligent sequence of messages to both new and previously acquired contacts. All such messages are inflected with genre and case (e.g. "Mr. Mark, nice to meet you"), which significantly increases the credibility of the entire correspondence and affects the effectiveness of acquiring B2B leads.

    The Smart Chat tool is an invaluable aid to everyday work, thanks to which you can easily and efficiently manage the correspondence of even a very large team from one place. The automatic lead export option allows you to download all data from the profile of the person you have contacted and his/her company with just one click. This information is collected in the form of a convenient table, which your other tools can access through an API interface. Sales Robots platform users can additionally monitor the effects of their actions in detailed and clear reports.

    For those who are not able to select the most valuable responses, an intelligent folder comes to their aid - it is there that the correspondence with users who sent their e-mail and/or phone in response is automatically placed. Such contacts are called "hot leads", i.e. customers who are strongly interested in buying our product or service. Appropriate folders will organize all correspondence according to your needs, while "auto-read" rules will save your eyes and time by moving to read replies such as "Thank you, but I'm not interested". Permissions to manage only a selected area of correspondence can be assigned to specific employees.

    If, on the other hand, it's difficult for you to assess what contacts you have within your network and the entire team, you'll find the "Contacts in Reach" tool useful - a detailed table of all the "friends" of your entire team, along with the most important data. Tens of thousands of contacts can be exported with a single click and displayed in a single Excel file. At each stage you will have full control over task queues and preview of performed operations. Additionally, you will improve your operations by managing exclusions of entire companies and designated individuals.

    Other facilities include automation of posts and events. The first option is ideal when employees have trouble recommending and sharing company posts - after all, intelligent Sales Robots can do this task for them in just 60 seconds. The second option is the perfect support for organizers of large online events. The Sales Robots platform's event automation tool allows all LinkedIn accounts on your team to invite thousands of contacts to participate each week. Later on, you can easily generate a detailed list of your enrolled guests along with their email addresses.

    If you want to learn more about the capabilities of the Sales Robots platform, schedule a one-on-one consultation with a dedicated Advisor and set up your own B2B lead generation strategy with LinkedIn!