Jacek Palęcki

Which is better? A solo sniper on LinkedIn or a coordinated team?

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    Are you familiar with the saying "I prefer quality to quantity"? I hear it quite often from people who are not very experienced in marketing, but who nevertheless consider themselves to be experts. Although I would very much like perfect diligence in communication to result in good business results, the reality turns out to be quite different. I recently read an article by a well-known social media communication expert in which the author argues that you will get better results by publishing more often at the expense of quality.

    Alone or in a group?

    So, does a company that only engages 1 personal profile for its LinkedIn activities stand a chance of profiting from it? Not every company is Inpost with Rafał Brzoska or BNP Paribas with Przemek Gdański, yet even their larger competitors struggle to achieve even a fraction of such recognition. All that remains for the rest is strenuous teamwork, thanks to which the number of times the information reaches the recipient will be multiplied.

    Fortunately, this does not have to come at the expense of quality and it is our agency's role to ensure that the right professionals are in place to maximise the benefits. Our work with companies draws on experience gained from dozens of B2B and premium B2C communication projects, as well as state-of-the-art systems that allow us to analyse thousands of responses and reach conclusions that would otherwise not be possible. All this ensures that we correctly suggest the most effective communication directions to our clients.

    You can find out how to measure follow up conversions on LinkedIn in my next article.