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Sales and marketing automation on LinkedIn

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    B2B Sales and marketing automation on the Internet is based on modern technological solutions that help to achieve the volume of sales that the customer desires. Many of these tools use artificial intelligence (AI) to optimally define the target group and intensify sales activities. This is how Sales Robot works, among others, which allows LinkedIn users to use the full sales potential of this platform.

    Process automation on Linkedin - what sales support tools are worth using?

    One of the proven options for quickly increasing sales within a company are LinkedIn Automation solutions. By automating sales processes on LinkedIn (including marketing automation), you can not only reach potential customers in social media channels more accurately, but also save time on manually sending contact invitations or InMail messages. With the support of ** Sales Robots** in this area, salespeople can focus on other activities aimed at acquiring sales leads. A model win-win situation.

    Linkedin as a business social network significantly facilitates the establishment of new contacts in the B2B segment. The growing number of users of this platform year after year (currently, more than 4.4 million Polish users have an account on LinkedIn - ed.) increases the sales and marketing potential of Linkedin. Its maximum use for the needs of your company can be a significant competitive advantage.

    This is why many companies choose to automate and purchase the premium package** Linkedin Sales Navigator**. With this tool, you can quickly and effectively define the audience of your sales or marketing campaign on LinkedIn, as well as specify the parameters of interest, such as industry, location, positions held, or even the company's annual revenue.

    Sales Robots - a virtual sales team on Linkedin

    Defining your target audience alone, however, is not enough to conduct effective long-term activities on LinkedIn. You have to handle all the sales and marketing leads, which is quite time-consuming. This is where Sales Robots come to the rescue, allowing you to create an effective team of virtual salespeople in your company.

    More employed Sales Robots mean more contact invitations sent on LinkedIn per month, which in turn results in more chances for new business partnerships. In case of a positive response from the customer, the robots continue the personalised communication and collect the data needed to send an offer. Only at the hot lead stage do salespeople and managers step in to finalise the entire sales process.

    The high efficiency of Sales Robot is also confirmed by statistics:

    √ more than 1600 sent invitations to make contact in a month

    √ an invitation **acceptance rate **of 50-90%

    √ up to 1400 new connections in a month

    √ 40-140 leads per month

    √ 5-10 minutes of daily engagement on the employee side

    Sales Robots - invaluable help for marketing and sales departments

    Among the numerous tasks of marketing and sales employees, social selling** and social media marketing play an increasingly important role. For less skilled specialists, such social media activities take up around a dozen hours a week. Meanwhile, the same scope of duties with the support of Sales Robots can be performed in just a few dozen minutes, and the time saved can be allocated to other promotional activities.

    Skillfully executed campaigns on LinkedIn with the help of Sales Robots also accelerate the processes involved in the classic sales funnel (also known as the marketing funnel or conversion funnel). Intelligent robots are able to take a potential customer from gaining attention and interest in a product or service to taking a specific action (e.g. setting up an individual meeting or requesting a dedicated offer) in a very short period of time.

    Automation on LinkedIn also puts little strain on a company's budget. The salary of an efficient Sales Robot is only PLN 699, and the discounts within the team and with the order for a longer period reach as much as 44%! More details about the offer can be found at www.salesrobots.pl.