Jacek Palęcki

Do you know the ROI of your actions on LinkedIn?

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    Employees at almost every company have LinkedIn accounts. But employees at only one in 20 companies use LinkedIn to reach out to new potential customers. How much does this cost? What are the results? Finally, what is the return on investment of these activities?

    These are questions that companies find very difficult to answer. Employees spend a lot of time in the portal doing strenuous activities and often duplicate activities within the team. Systematic and organised teamwork on LinkedIn seems so difficult as to be impossible.

    We have a solution

    The companies we help not only have access to our expertise, consultancy and training, but also to a sophisticated Sales Robots system whose role is:

    • saving staff time
    • coordinated teamwork
    • systematic implementation of activities
    • increasing relevance
    • increase in quality
    • scaling up activities
    • analysis and measurement of ratios.
    • so we provide a full set of services and tools to make your investment in LinkedIn quantifiable and much more profitable.

    You can find out more about the result of comparing the effectiveness of google page positioning to coordinated efforts on LinkedIn in my next article.