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Why is it so difficult to build the reach of a company page on LinkedIn?

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    Since you have reached this article, you are probably already familiar with my earlier text entitled: Did you know that of the 470,000 decision-makers in Poland with a LinkedIn account, only 4% visit the portal regularly and as many as 96% occasionally?

    Almost all market decision-makers are on LinkedIn. And how easy it is to find the right ones among them you will learn from another article about the LinkedIn Sales Navigator decision-maker search engine.

    Already a few years ago, researchers from Kozminski University in Warsaw conducted a study and prepared a report indicating that up to 97% of managers in Poland have a personal profile on LinkedIn. However, a 'but' arises: since only 4% of them visit the portal regularly, how do you build the reach of your company posts among the other 96%?

    In this article, you will find out why most company pages on LinkedIn do not get satisfactory reach and what is better to do instead.

    The companies we help on LinkedIn are recommended to channel their energies into doing much more than promoting their company page, i.e. communicating employee advocacy, which you will learn more about in the article: How to communicate with decision makers on LinkedIn to achieve a business goal?

    What is a company page on LinkedIn?

    The first step for an entrepreneur on LinkedIn is to set up a personal profile with his or her name in the title, and its holder can go further: set up a 'company page' titled with the company name.

    A company page, unlike a personal profile, is only a passive business card and communication board. A company page can publish posts and create events, but it cannot actively expand its reach, acquire followers or write messages to them.

    This huge disadvantage causes company page administrators to underperform and abandon their development, and according to many reports, as many as 75% of company pages on LinkedIn do not exceed the 50-watcher ceiling.

    Promoting a company page - what does LinkedIn allow?

    The administrator of a company page can send 250 invitations to follow it per month. The problem is that less than 10% of the recipients respond to such invitations, resulting in an increase of only about one observer per day. On top of that, even ten administrators won't help here, because the pool of 250 invitations is shared between them all. Some consolation is that an employee assigned to a company page who is not an administrator can also send invitations, but only 30 per month. So 10 committed employees, and that commitment is very difficult to come by in practice, will increase the growth of page watchers by… just one person per day.

    Alternative options include engaging personal profiles to recommend content from the company website, share it and even include links to this content in private messages to potential customers. In practice, however, the effect is still not satisfactory, and you will use the actions of employees' personal profiles much more effectively by generating email leads and directing recipients to your YouTube channel or blog.

    What works on LinkedIn?

    While promoting a company page on LinkedIn is crawling and consumes a huge amount of administrators' energy, at the same time, thousands of invitations to get in touch, thousands of messages and even tens of thousands of invitations to attend an event can be sent from the personal accounts of an entire team of employees, so this employee advocacy is a direction that should be included in the strategy of any company wishing to exploit LinkedIn's potential.

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