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Promoting events, webinars on LinkedIn and generating leads with consents

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If your company organises webinars or in-person events then I have good news for you: LinkedIn is the perfect place to effectively promote such events.

Webinars, webinars, webinars. Most companies don't reach for webinars because organising such an event requires familiarity with the camera and the audience. As a result, companies that have overcome this barrier stand out above the competition by creating an expert image and gaining many more leads. LinkedIn is the best known place to promote webinars and stationary events and collect sign-ups to attend with marketing consents. A record-breaking webinar we promoted attracted 524 attendees present at a live event and twice as many leads with marketing consents. Learn how to promote webinars on LinkedIn in this article.

How does promoting events on LinkedIn work?

As a company page administrator, you will create an event on LinkedIn in just a few minutes to promote your webinar. In the next step, you can send out up to 1,000 invitations to your event per week from your personal profile. Our customers' experience suggests that between 5 and 15 % of recipients accept such invitations.

By engaging a team of employees, you can attract up to hundreds of leads per week and a much larger number of actual attendees at an event than ever before.

A properly configured event on LinkedIn displays, to a user interested in attending, a fully completed form with their details and an optional consent to send offers, which around 25% of those who sign up accept, probably reflexively. In turn, you, as the admin of the company site organising the event, can download a csv file with the data of all participants, together with their e-mails and marketing consents.

Companies using Sales Robots campaigns have access to an automated process for promoting webinars and in-person events on LinkedIn to a carefully targeted audience, in a fully coordinated manner even with a large team, so reaching leads is not duplicated and the efficiency of the process is clearly increased. Setting up your webinar promotion will take no more than a few minutes and allows full integration with one of the most popular webinar platforms: Clickmeeting.

Webinars offer additional advantages. You can record the event and publish it on your YouTube channel and website. You can also create so-called automatic webinars, which in many cases quite effectively replace an online or live meeting.

I invite you to my training where I will talk more about how to effectively promote events on LinkedIn without committing your time - training list.

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