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    The amount of marketing emails we receive these days is incredibly high. Some of us can even delete a dozen or so messages from companies from our mailbox every day. In most cases we gave our email in order to create an account or receive a one-time discount. If you don't want to clear your mailbox of unnecessary messages every day, you should read what an email generator is.

    What is an e-mail generator and what is it used for?

    Email generator is a tool for setting up quick one-time emails. We use it to help us when we need to enter an email address and confirm it, for example, to register to a new website. The online email generator does not require us to set up an account. We enter the appropriate website and we already have an assigned e-mail. In some services, it is for a specified period of time (e.g. 20 minutes), and in others, until the moment you do not want to replace it. Remember that if you are preparing a campaign with the use of an e-mail database it is worth checking the "truthfulness" of the available e-mails so that Your CPM would be at a satisfactory level.

    Temporary e-mail generator

    Temporary mail is characterized by having a domain that doesn't physically exist (not assigned to any site). It is perfect for people who care about their privacy, it allows you to get a lot of things done and leave your real mailbox "uncluttered". The mail is generated by the system and has a random name. It is worth noting that such an email is for online use. Consequently, it is not possible to log into it with a login and password.

    Personalized E-mail Generator

    Some services have the option to create a personalized email generator. Mostly this is a paid option and allows you to pin such a generator to your domain. Thanks to this generator, you can create temporary emails in an efficient and practically automatic way. It gives you a big advantage, because some services, as a part of anti-spam filters, do not allow registering accounts, which have "untypical" domains, because they symbolize a temporary mail. Generating e-mails is becoming more and more popular. For users, it is convenient, because they do not receive hundreds of unnecessary messages. However, companies do not like this solution because it lowers their CTR. No matter how good of a CTA the company puts in the e-mail, it will not give much effect anyway, because the e-mail goes "into the void". Many services block such solutions, but the popularity of this method makes the race between services and creators of generators continue and is not likely to end soon.