Jacek Palęcki

In business communications, LinkedIn reigns unrivaled. Why?

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    LinkedIn is the world's largest portal for professionals with a very open-to-contact culture, whose users share data about their professional profiles. In this article, we present the 6 most important reasons for LinkedIn's dominance in the B2B communication segment.

    Huge numbers and reach

    LinkedIn has almost 800 million users worldwide. In Poland alone, there are more than 3 million users (some sources say as many as 4.4 million), this number increases by several percent every year. Most importantly, about 33% of users are decision-makers: managers (11% in total) and C-levels, directors, and owners (22%), this makes LinkedIn an excellent working environment for sales acquisition, marketing, and, of course, recruitment. In addition, the platform helps build public relations both outside and inside the organization. LinkedIn's ability to integrate and automate many of the actions taken on the portal is also a big advantage. Thanks to Sales Robots, you can divide your target into separate, intelligent campaigns and, in a matter of minutes, launch the automation supporting the reaching of leads, which will save the time of your company's employees by up to 30 times!


    LinkedIn user profiles contain detailed professional data such as one’s company, job title, industry, location, and employment size. This makes it incredibly easy to target decision-makers in a specific company or even an entire industry. In addition, LinkedIn provides users with an additional, very useful LinkedIn Premium tool in the Sales Navigator variant. It contains a number of features to support sales and marketing professionals, including an advanced people and company search engine, which allows you to create a very precise list of thousands of decision-makers in a specific market and learn about the potential of your target audience in a matter of minutes.

    Up to 97% effective market mapping

    You can use traditional channels to reach your target group, but only using LinkedIn can you reach almost the entire market so easily. Why? According to a study by researchers from Kozminski University, up to 97% of Polish business leaders have a LinkedIn account, meaning you have millions of readily available B2B opportunities right at your fingertips!

    It's easy to establish direct contact with decision-makers

    On LinkedIn, you can easily find the right person and successively get in touch with them by visiting their profile and sending an "invitation to connect". What's more, the recipient of the invitation doesn't even have to visit the portal for you to successfully reach them! LinkedIn immediately sends an email notification, so about 60% of people respond almost immediately, and nearly half of them accept the invitation. Then you can start a conversation through private messaging on LinkedIn, which also results in a notification every time.

    You can multiply the acceptance rate of your invitations on LinkedIn by using the exclusive Sales Robots functionality to avoid sending invitations to inactive people with very low acceptance rates. In some cases, approx. 90 out of 100 weekly sent invitations are accepted by our potential leads!

    Even 100 invitations per week, and with Sales Robots many times more!

    On LinkedIn, you can visit hundreds of profiles a day and send up to 100 invitations a week by clicking the appropriate button on their profile (about 10% of users may send slightly more invitations). This results in a chance to make up to 30% of new friends on LinkedIn in just 7 days. You completely bypass traditional contact paths and get straight to the decision-maker. The portal's atmosphere also makes it easier to build relationships than in traditional channels.

    You can multiply the number of invitations you send by using Sales Robots' unique "invite via email" feature. On LinkedIn, in addition to sending invitations to connect from a person's profile, which you can send to almost any user, there is a second, well-camouflaged option: "invite via email" (available HERE). The LinkedIn portal allows you to send "e-mail" invitations much more, perceiving them as more credible, since the user probably knows the invited person, since he uses his e-mail. With Sales Robots, however, you don't need to know email addresses to take advantage of this excellent functionality that multiplies the effectiveness of your efforts. Sales Robots know the emails of a huge number of LinkedIn users, and you can use this data! Addressees whose e-mails are not known to Sales Robots will receive an automatic "profile invitation".

    The high impact of hundreds of private messages per day

    You can send up to approx. 300 private messages a day. This allows you to maintain active, monthly contact with a reach of up to approx. 10,000 users each month. Typically, only about 20% of recipients respond negatively, while 5-10% include their email address or phone number in their response and are interested in more details, feeding your sales funnel. Getting in touch consecutively (follow-up messages) results in a conversion rate of 30-50% in the right target group, which ensures a high level of penetration of your market within 3-5 months. In the Sales Robots platform, you can easily set parameters for automated campaigns and entire message sequences within LinkedIn. With the Smart Chat tool, also available in Sales Robots, you can easily organize the management of your leads' responses and export them with one click to .CSV or CRM.

    LinkedIn, a guaranteed method for B2B sales

    LinkedIn is a ready-made database of your potential customers, employees, or business partners that you can easily identify with Sales Navigator. And with Sales Robots, you can organize highly automated and intelligent communication to achieve any of your business goals. As a result, you will gain a market advantage and save a lot of time and costs.