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How much does improving your LinkedIn profile get you? A Case Study.

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    The content of an employee's personal profile on LinkedIn is another communication surface available to companies. If you want to make a name for yourself in the minds of your potential customers, a carefully completed profile will certainly contribute to this.

    Note that a LinkedIn user will almost immediately receive a traditional email from LinkedIn with a notification of a new contact invitation or a news or event invitation. These notifications are LinkedIn's greatest advantage, because with them you effectively reach almost all the decision-makers on the portal. You even reach those who look into it occasionally.

    The first step to improving your LinkedIn profile

    However, let's take a look at the notification message itself. In addition to a thumbnail image of the sender and his or her name, each notification will also include what is known as a 'headline', which is a short text that you can include in your profile right below the name. The headline is the most important element of your communication. Think carefully about what you want to say in it so that the recipients of your invitations want to accept it and those who receive your message want to read it. Among our clients' activities, headlines indicating top management positions and experts in the areas of interest to the addressees work best. I'm sure you've guessed that commercial positions perform much less well.

    Elements you should pay attention to

    Experience By executing a well-thought-out strategy on LinkedIn, you have certainly set a specific business objective. Try to ensure that your profile communicates to your audience within that objective and remove distracting elements from that communication. If you are a manufacturing process expert today, but 20 years ago at university you worked casually in a construction wholesaler, this information will contribute nothing of value to your business objective and is probably better left out.


    Use the skills section and add items there that highlight that you are an expert. Ask your colleagues for a so-called 'skills endorsement', which is sure to reinforce them.

    Background photo

    Take advantage of the huge space above your name and include a thoughtful 'background photo' there.


    Confirm your commitment and professionalism by being "active" on the portal. All you have to do is publish or comment on relevant posts, and this information will appear on your profile. The necessary minimum activity is 2 per month.

    While staying with activities for a while, avoid controversial content and, above all, politics and religion. Your opinions published on the portal will leave a mark on your profile and you seem to prefer that this does not negatively affect your image and business objective.

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