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How do you scale your LinkedIn activities to distance yourself from the competition?

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    If you are using LinkedIn to build your reach and communicate with your potential customers then you are already one step ahead of your competitors. Reports on LinkedIn show that only about 5 % of companies use this portal in a similar way. At the same time, companies note that operating on LinkedIn requires developing effective methods, coordinating the communication of the entire team and committing a lot of time.

    Manual vs. automatic work

    Repetitive and regular tasks are not the domain of human beings, but can be handled perfectly by software. The manual work of costly employees can be replaced by a much cheaper "Sales Robot". Existing tasks will be carried out systematically, without unnecessary delays and, just as importantly: even better.

    We observe that the personal profiles of employees of companies that start working with a Sales Robots agency can send around 100 or more invitations per week. When this number is reached, a message appears that the pool has been used up and further invitations can only be sent the following week.

    100 manually sent invitations to make contact means, in practice, between 20 and 40 new decision-makers in the contact network. In contrast, the Sales Robot system, using big data, can intelligently select the best contacts to send automatic invitations in the first instance to people who are in the habit of accepting them. And this is why 100 invitations sent out from the Sales Robots system equals up to approx. 80 new decision-makers in the contact network. And it doesn't stop there.

    What does this look like on LinkedIn?

    The portal is keen for users to receive invitations to make contact from people they actually know, and a high level of acceptance is rewarded with an increase in the weekly pool of available invitations. Thanks to intelligent contact matching, the acceptance rate increases and after just a few weeks you can expect up to approx. After just a few weeks, you can expect around 200 invitations in 7 days. This results in an increase in the number of decision-makers in your network of contacts of between 600 and 800 per month.

    LinkedIn's hidden features

    However, the most interesting is yet to come! In addition to the 'standard' LinkedIn networking invitations you know, there used to be 2 other ways to get in touch, which we call 'login' and 'special'. LinkedIn has hidden these types of invitations from users, but still more than half of LinkedIners can use this feature with the help of the software available in Sales Robots. It turns out that users for whom login and special invitations still work can send a total of up to 1,000 invitations per week. More than half of the lucky ones can therefore expand their network of decision-makers by up to several thousand every month. It is worth seizing this opportunity while it is available.

    Building your reach through invitations to get in touch is the first step in the whole process. In the next step, communication through private messages and webinar promotion begins and both of these processes, companies can completely automate relieving the burden on employees and influencing a significant increase in efficiency.

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