Jacek Palęcki

How to measure follow up conversions on LinkedIn - improving communication with data and tools.

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    Statistics in marketing are a daily tool for many communication professionals. Also with us.

    Our gut feelings can let us down

    You won't believe how wrong you can get based on your own assessment of marketing ideas. In the first half of 2022, we conducted an experiment. Several experienced copywriters prepared a total of around 50 LinkedIn message templates for us, which they thought should be effective.

    We then sent these messages to tens of thousands of recipients on LinkedIn while simultaneously counting conversions for each template on an ongoing basis. The results exceeded our expectations, and the differences between the effectiveness of the texts were huge. The best text reached 16%, while the message with the lowest conversion was just 1%.

    Without data you're just another person with an opinion. This quote from Edward Deming fits perfectly with the above situation.

    That's why, in the system that supports our clients' communications, we have built in the ability to add multiple message variants and automatically measure conversions, and can therefore provide companies with valuable data and the best content.

    Read about maximizing conversions through continuity of communication in my next article.