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How to improve reach building and regular communication on LinkedIn?

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Acquiring new contacts and communicating with them on LinkedIn is an ongoing process that, in addition to tangible business benefits, gives Sales Robots agency clients valuable insights. From time to time, the data collected can be used to carry out analyses, new tests and optimisations so that the effectiveness of communication increases. An enormous support for analysis and optimisation is provided by tools that monitor the reactions of message recipients, whereby data is collected automatically and conclusions can be drawn in real time.

Building up reach - the system does not get boring.

Good results require regularity, and this is difficult to achieve in practice. Employees do not pay enough attention to expanding their network on LinkedIn and often get lost in the process. They also fail to assess the habits of the

All of these pain points are solved thanks to big data and modern technology. A company employee's personal account connected to the Sales Robots systems continuously analyses the progress in expanding the network of contacts and directs new invitations to the right people by selecting those whose habits offer a greater chance of a positive response. Ultimately, with the help of the Sales Robots system, the number of decision-makers within the employee's reach grows several times faster. Sometimes even by a factor of 30.

Systematic communication with leads - the system does not get discouraged.

A good salesman acquires new contacts and regularly keeps in touch with them. Doing so ensures that leads build brand, product and expert awareness. In practice, however, the opposite is true, as the salesman is exposed to constant failure and the maximum pool of people with whom he can be in regular contact is quickly exhausted.

Technology is doing much better. Connected to the Sales Robots system, an employee's LinkedIn account can maintain regular contact with thousands of contacts. The system will very easily select the appropriate message variant for men and women in Polish and English, and will conjugate the name to a vocative when communicating in Polish. Intelligent messaging is not a chatbot, however, so the employee will still be able to respond in the best possible way. A huge advantage of the system over a human is also the automatic measurement of recipients' behaviour. Simply add more than 1 message variant, and after just a few days we will have an answer to the question of which of the tested communications is more effective.

You will learn about how to scale your LinkedIn activities to distance yourself from the competition in the next article.

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