Zuzanna Sarapata

How do you communicate with decision makers on LinkedIn to achieve a business goal?

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    Among our clients, we notice that the best results come from systematic, small-step actions. This is a method that is also known and proven in other communication channels.

    Introducing the 12 elements on how such a strategy should look like on LinkedIn.

    1. take into account that more than 90% of your leads are far from a purchase decision

    2. assume that almost all addressees of your communication do not even know the basic features of your product,

    3. build a list of basic questions about your product that can be answered,

    4. sort the arranged questions in the right order, so that the answers form a comprehensible and logical story. Build the story and break it down into small, manageable doses of knowledge,

    5. answer only one question from the list in 1 message,

    6. link to articles in your blog and to short videos on your YouTube channel that go into the topic of the message,

    7. in the first messages (3-4) refer to the environment in which your product works. E.g.: "we have produced a report on industry X" or "In a short interview with an expert, you will learn how companies are solving problem Y",

    8. in subsequent messages refer to companies that "save and profit with the help of your product"

    9. with each subsequent message, the percentage of recipients who are aware of your brand, name and offer will increase, and with it the effectiveness will also increase

    10. use CTAs aimed at: leaving an email, making an appointment e.g. at Calendly, reading an article, watching a video, joining a webinar, etc.

    11. send short messages that are not too long to discourage reading,

    12. format the content of the message so that it is easy for the recipient to read. Add spacing and bullet points.

    It is fair to say that in order to acquire new customers and support business growth, it is imperative to maximise your reach and maintain regular contact with all leads. This simplification allows you to better understand the phenomenon of awareness building, which will become your company's best friend for sales growth. Many experts talk about building an expert image and in my opinion they are right. However, you should not stray too far from sales communication and it is better that it goes hand in hand with image building.

    You can find out how to improve your reach building and regular communication on LinkedIn in my next article.