Jacek Palęcki

Is continuity of communication the key to winning over competitors' salespeople?

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    How many follow ups should we send to a potential customer? This is one of the questions we get most often. We always have one answer: to grow your business, continually expand your reach and stay in regular contact with the leads you acquire forever.

    How to respond to lack of interest?

    If a salesman crossed out a potential customer after the first 'no', would he have a good sales performance? His colleague from a competing company who does not give up so quickly will probably deliver several times better sales to his employer. However, in the case of the traditional salesman, regular contact is very time-consuming and thus a limit will quickly appear.

    The power of 'marketing automation'

    This problem is solved by modern technology that can keep thousands of potential customers in touch. Among our clients, we come across companies employing only 1 salesman, whose role is to close sales, while the entire process of contact acquisition and subsequent heating has been taken over by a technology called marketing automation. These systems allow you to define multiple scenarios and manage contacts according to their behaviour in a fully automated manner. The main disadvantage of such systems is the lack of feeding the database with new contacts, but here LinkedIn itself proves helpful.

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