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Publish average quality posts more often? Or less often but of better quality?

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One would like to say that only the best quality, super-attractive content will bring results. However, research shows that better sales results are achieved by companies that communicate more frequently without paying as much attention to quality. Find out if it is possible to create a lot of quality content with this article.

What does good quality content mean? Will your headline ideas for articles and posts gain popularity? I will try to answer these questions in this article.

What is good content?

How often do you notice that companies cover topics in their communications that are different from their business? E.g.: they are fighting fires in Australia (2019/2020), helping medics during COVID, supporting Ukraine, not using plastic straws, etc. The people in charge of communications in these organisations monitor trends and respond to changes sometimes even immediately (real time marketing). In their communication, they not infrequently move away from telling the story of their customers and their offer. Why do they do this? Is it to interact with their followers more frequently? To build a bond with them beyond business as well? It would seem so. But does this appeal to all audiences?

How do you look for inspiration?

When building communication, it is worth rejecting opinions and starting to use concrete data. Where should you look for it? Obviously from the biggest, so-called Data Company. You can direct your first steps more to Google. Google is the world's most popular search engine and knows what people are asking about. You can track the statistics and trends of these queries, and this is excellent data to help you build a communications cloud in your organisation. Tools that serve SEO specialists on a daily basis are also proving very helpful among sales and marketing professionals.

Already have rich content on your blog and want to hit social media or newsletters with it? Be sure to take a look at google analytics and assess which ones are getting the most interest. There is also nothing stopping you from repeating your most popular posts or email newsletters from time to time.

What length should posts be?

When writing to decision-makers, remember to respect their time. Don't make them read 2,000 characters of pouring water to get to some dubious truth at the end. The content should be understandable, concrete and infused with facts.

The final aspect of quality communication is competition. If your posts cut through the thicket of publications by other people and companies who are competing for similar individuals on a daily basis, you will gain more by publishing more frequently, and regularity and high frequency are also liked by social media algorithms.

You will find out if it is true that 80% of B2B leads worldwide come from LinkedIn in my next article.

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