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All your contacts on LinkedIn in 1 place

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    LinkedIn users know very well how difficult it is to manage hundreds or even thousands of contacts gathered on the portal. In order to significantly improve this process, the developers of the Sales Robots platform have developed a new functionality called Contacts in Reach (1st). Thanks to this solution, aggregating and synchronizing the most important data becomes extremely easy!

    Contacts in reach (1st) - what is this functionality?

    Contacts in Reach is a new tool available to every user of the Sales Robots platform. It enables efficient synchronization of all 1st Degree contacts from LinkedIn (1st Degree) accounts that are connected to your Sales Robots posts.

    You start using the Contacts in Reach functionality when you enable the "Synchronize Contacts with LinkedIn" option. From this point on, the system begins to successively view all our contacts and retrieve their detailed data, which will be collected and presented in a clear table.

    What opportunities are provided by Contacts in Reach?

    Contacts in Reach allows you to create a comprehensive, individual database of people you've connected with through LinkedIn in one place. Preparing a database containing so much valuable information about potential B2B customers on your own would take hundreds of hours. The automation tools from Sales Robots will therefore save an enormous amount of time, as they will do this laborious work much faster and without any involvement from the user. Data synchronization takes place every 7 days at the most, so we can be sure that the information collected in the table is always up-to-date.

    The Contacts in Reach functionality makes it faster and easier to aggregate the following data:

    • related Sales Robots
    • first name
    • last name
    • header
    • gender
    • contact email
    • contact phone
    • profile industry
    • actions - profile (options: visit profile, copy LinkedIn profile URL, search conversations with this profile)
    • company
    • job title
    • company industry
    • company action (options: visit company profile, copy company profile URL)
    • company web address
    • company size
    • last incoming contact
    • last contact outgoing The order of each column can be changed according to your preferences.

    Another convenient feature is the ability to export data to a CSV file, but it should be noted that exported files expire after 7 days from the date of creation.

    Active and passive contact synchronization - what does it consist of?

    Contacts in reach sync both actively and passively. How does this look in practice?

    Active synchronization occurs when the already mentioned option "Synchronize contacts with LinkedIn" is checked (then the data of people from the "Contacts" tab on LinkedIn is also synchronized). The system then successively downloads all first-level contacts from each account connected to the Sales Robots panel. Since the full synchronization is complete, further new contacts are also added at safe intervals so as not to violate the limits of simultaneous operations in the portal.

    Passive synchronization takes place every time we receive a new message on LinkedIn - then a connection (contact) is created between the Sales Robot and the profile of the user who wrote to us, and after a while, we can view the most important information about the person we are interested in, especially his/her e-mail address and phone number, as well as basic information about the company he/she works for (industry, size, web address). Passive synchronization also works when the user has the synchronization of the "Contacts" tab switched off - in this case, the data of the persons with whom the correspondence took place in Smart Chat is aggregated.

    Contacts within reach - key benefits

    Contacts in Reach is invaluable support in daily work, especially for active users of the LinkedIn portal. This functionality allows you to collect the most important information about the first-level contacts established via this popular social network for professionals from various industries. This gives you access to all of your team's contacts in a single, convenient table.

    Additional options and precise filters help you immediately find the latest contacts, conversations or information about a particular company in the table, as well as verify which Sales Robots have the contacts we are interested in their network. It will allow, for example, to avoid performing the same actions by employees working in the same company.

    The new functionality is also fully secure - the speed of operations performed by the system is adapted to the limitations of LinkedIn, which was confirmed after the Sales Robots testing phase.

    If you would like to learn more about the practical side of the Contacts in Reach (1st) functionality, make an appointment for a free consultation with a Sales Robots Advisor, who will present the full range of possibilities of this effective solution dedicated to LinkedIn users.