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89% of activities in the B2B sales process can be automated

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The answer to this question seems very obvious. Business processes, in order to be effective, should evolve and reach for innovation. And after all, the activities of salespeople are one of the key processes in a company. So why do modern and effective sales solutions still not work in most businesses?

Many managers believe that B2B sales cannot be automated, because this is the stage where relationships are built, and automation is not conducive to this. In a way, this is true, as too much automation or ill-considered implementation can have negative effects.

However, it is worth taking into account that automation appeared in sales processes several years ago and today our experience, knowledge and tools are much better.

Let's also answer the question: are the salespeople in my company taking care of building relationships with potential customers as they should?

What potential does automation have in the process of gaining business and building relationships?

Out of half a million top managers in Poland and around 100 million worldwide, as many as 98% report having a personal account on LinkedIn. 80% of B2B leads (potential customers) come from LinkedIn. Learn more about LinkedIn's potential as a better alternative to traditional promotion channels in this short article.

How do you automate B2B sales in Sales Robots?

B2B sales require more diligence in relationship building than B2C. Even so, the most tedious and time-consuming stages of the process can be handled better through well-designed automation than manually by salespeople. You will learn about what in the B2B sales process can and should be automated in this short article.

How to avoid mistakes when implementing automation in B2B sales?

Fears of automation are justified by previous experience, but also often stem from a reluctance to change. Get to know the enemy better and it will become your friend, enabling you to stay ahead of innovation-resistant competitors. You will find out what risks await you and how to avoid them in this short article.

How to improve contact matching and increase sales effectiveness?

We often use intuition in our decisions. But isn't it better to rely on hard data? You will find out how to improve your sales by taking advantage of the advantage of computer systems in collecting and analysing data in this short article.

How do you prepare a contact for an effective sales meeting?

Automation will find thousands of decision-makers on its own and, with a little help from you, build communication with them. It will no longer complete the meeting for you, but it can prepare the potential customer well for this key sales stage. You will learn how to build brand, product and expert awareness among thousands of B2B contacts using automation in this short article.

How do you maximise efficiency and scale your sales force automation?

When you're just starting to build automation in B2B sales, it's important to scale accordingly: not too small so that you don't have to wait indefinitely for valuable feedback and statistics, and not too large so that the implementation runs smoothly. Most of our projects start with 10 to 20 posts (employees' LinkedIn accounts or Avatars) and expand to 30 to 50 after a few months.

Learn more about the scalability of automation in this short article.

How do you gain new sales contacts in the very first days of the process?

Unlike other channels that require a lot of patience, automating activities on LinkedIn produces immediate results that amplify week by week. Find out more in this short article.

How do you get leads by promoting webinars and events?

If you haven't yet heard about gaining sales contacts through webinars and their promotion then know that this is an area worth your attention, with our clients using webinars to gain 2 to 3 times more leads. Find out more from this short article.

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